Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: L'Oreal Wrinkle Decreaser

What is it? According to L'Oreal, their Wrinkle Decreaser uses collagen "to diffuse the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Introducing the first wrinkle reducer with Collagen Bio-Spheres and Boswelox®, that, when applied directly onto wrinkles, diffuses, smoothes, and softens laugh lines, brow furrows, and crowÂ’s feet." L'Oreal claims that "the appearance of expression lines and crowÂ’s feet is softened and diffused by up to 20%. In one week, 38% saw fewer forehead wrinkles and 44% saw fewer lines around the eyes. In 3 weeks, 46% saw fewer forehead wrinkles and 54% saw fewer lines around the eyes."

What did you think? I guess I am in the percentage of people that did not see any drastic changes. Now, to be fair, I am only 30, but I am starting to wage the battle against wrinkles now rather than waiting for things to get dire. I do have a few lines around my eyes and mouth, and I used the Wrinkle Decreaser twice a day for about a month on these targeted spots, hoping to see these amazing results. Instead, I just found myself obsessing over every little line on my face and not noticing any improvement.

The final verdict? What really gets me is that this product is constantly advertised on TV with Claudia Schiffer pitching the cream. The annoying things is that Claudia is totally airbrushed over--there isn't a single pore or line visibleble on her face. She definitely has a little "Suri Cruise" action going on there. It almost looks like she's wearing a mask. And, having used their product, I know there is noooo way she got that face using L'Oreal Wrinkle Decreaser. Give me a break! I say save your time and money and find a better product. You know I'll be on hunt.

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