Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Worst Sample Ever

So I was flipping through a magazine (I don't know if it was Allure, Elle, or Vogue) and I found a nifty little sample of a Neutrogena PureGlow Daily Cleansing Cushion. Ooooh! Free sample!! How exciting! I couldn't wait to tear into the wrapper and try out my little freebie.

The next night I skipped my usual face washing product (Purity by Philosophy, by the way) and grabbed the PureGlow Cushion. I followed the directions to a T: I put my fingers inside the flap, ran the cushion under warm water, and then used it to clean my face. From the directions and the accompanying picture, I was led to believe my face would be enveloped by a gentle layer of purifying foam. Instead I felt like I was rubbing my face with a textured baby wipe. There was no foam. There was no clean smell. There was nothing beautiful about it. My skin didn't seem very clean, exfoliated, glowy or anything. It just seemed like I needed to go back to my old favorite and rewash my face.

Thanks for the freebie, Neutrogena--you saved me from actually spending money on your product!

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