Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sharing Is Caring...Or Is It?

It may seem harmless enough, but the next time think about sharing beauty products and tools with someone else, stop and think about this:
  • Nails: Since dirty hands contain all kinds of bad germs, there is a chance that by sharing things like nail files and clippers, you're putting yourself at risk for infection. Nail salons don't always clean their tools, so it's best to ask about salon practices next time you go for a mani-pedi. You can also bring your own tools if you're particularly worried about potentially nasty infections. And never, ever get your cuticles cut. Doing so boosts your chances of being bombarded by germs.
  • Eyes: The skin around your eyes is sensitive, so it's best to treat them with kid gloves. Anything that gets close to the eye (mascara, eyeliner) should never be shared. While you may want to try out a friend's new shadow, doing so could result in something like pink eye, and that's not a look too many people can pull off. Just play it safe and keep your eye products to yourself!
  • Mouth/Lips: Think about this--sharing lipstick is similar swapping spit. Not the most unsafe thing in the world, but still reason for pause. If you have a cold sore or other mouth infection, it's only polite to keep it to yourself.
  • Hair: Sharing a hair brush or comb is pretty safe, as long as no one has lice!

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sara said...

good to know!!! I usually dont share makeup...but when i go for mani/pedi they almost always cut my cuticles!