Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Made You Blush!

I've never been in to blush. My blush-aversion may come from my constant battle with my fair, bordering on pink, skin. Or it may come from a fear of looking like a Raggedy Ann doll. Who knows--who cares!

Though I'm not too eager to delve into the world of blush, I thought I'd do us all a favor by going to the beauty experts at Sephora for a little info on this subject. According to them, blush can enhance your features, providing a younger, prettier look.

Here are some trips from the pros:
  • Toss out the brush that comes with the blush--instead spend a little money for a nice, full brush.
  • Apply blush to the apple of the cheek, blending outwards toward the top of the ear. The entire cheekbone should be covered in soft strokes.
  • Use the right shade.

How the heck do you buy the right shade, thus avoiding the whole Raggedy Ann thing?

  • Pale girls like me should look for beige, tawny-rose, and pink tones.
  • Olive toned gals should opt for warm-toned browns, plums, and roses.
  • Dark skinned ladies should go for rich plum, fuchsia, brick, and bronze shades.
  • Strawberry blondes and redheads should seek out light bronze, peach and coral shades.

Ok, so we got the application thing down and know how to pick the right shade. The only question left to answer is powder vs. cream: what's a girl to do? Again, according to Sephora, powder blush is easiest to control and blend. Because of it's mass popularity, you will also find the widest range of colors. Cream blush good for dry or sun damaged skin. It glides on smoothly and doesn't settle in wrinkles or lines, and provides a radiant glow of youth to the skin.

Now there's no excuse--get blushing!

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