Sunday, August 13, 2006

If It's Free, It's For Me!

Apart from “I love you,” the three little words a girl wants to hear most are “free with purchase.” This weekend I went to Ulta (just to browse—I swear!) and when I walked in, I was bombarded with the happiest banner in the world: Free Make-Up Kit (a $65 value!) With $17.50 Purchase.


Of course, I had to partake in this offer. For my $17.50 purchase I picked up a new eyeliner pencil sharpener that collects the shavings, a clear mascara that I can use as brow gel, and a tinted lip plumper. Inside my free kit, I got an eye shadow quad, an eyeliner, a lip liner, two lip glosses, a lipstick, two nail polishes, blush, powder, two brushes, and a small mirror. Not bad! Now I actually have to use my freebies to see what I like and what I would never use. I’ll report back soon…

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