Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fur? Grrrr!

(Note: this is not a make-up related topic. But really, make-up and fashion go hand-in-hand, so I guess I am not totally off topic here! For info about animal testing, go to my earlier entry—The Ugly Side of Beauty. Warning, I feel a rant coming on!)

Ok, so I am a complete hypocrite because yes, I eat meat; yes, I adore leather; and yes, I love furry things just as much as the next girl. However, while I was flipping through my September Elle (all 560 pages!), I was disgusted by the number of glossy, beautifully photographed pages touting fur as the big thing in fashion this year. Fur has been slowly working its way back into America’s fashion sense, a trend I blame on the anti-environmental attitude this country has embraced thanks to the Bush regime. (Sorry, I had to get all political there!)

Fur? Really? Sure, if you’re an Eskimo or live in Siberia, fur makes sense. And, if you happen to be a mink, fur looks FABULOUS on you. But here? In America? With all the great faux-fur out there, why do we need to cover ourselves with the coats of cute little mammals?

What really upset me was this horrific two-page ad that said:

A true individual, she relies on fur to express her free spirited attitude and zest for life.


Are you kidding me? Just how does wearing a dead, skinned animal display a zest for life? The only thing fur inspires me to do is join PETA. And again, that makes no sense given my own blood lust.

This just makes my head hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I, too am an animal lover, and yes, I too, eat meat....but can't imagine wearing fur and am shocked by fashion magazines pushing this trend. How sad for all of us.