Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fall Beauty Trend #5: Ride the Pony

In keeping with a simple, easygoing look, ponytails are back in style! Again, hair this autumn is long, wavy, thick and healthy. Three ponies are especially in:

The Side Pony: I have the cutest picture of me as a little girl on my first day of Kindergarten—I’m wearing a smart sailor girl dress and have my platinum hair pulled into a tight and high side ponytail (a la Chrissie Snow from Three’s Company). Well, this year, the side pony can relax a bit. Instead of the severe side pony I had in the early 80s, hair should be swept to the side and tied low, towards the nape of the neck. Hair should fall down the back and shoulder in soft waves.

The Low Pony: Loosely gather hair and tie at the nape of the neck. Hair should twist and curl down the back.

The High Pony: A little more severe, hair is gathered a bit more tightly in the middle of the head and tied off.

With all these styles, incorporate a more luxurious hair accessory. Instead of the plain, garden variety hair tie, try one of the new hair elastics that is capped off with a tortoise shell band to dress things up a bit.

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