Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fall Beauty Trend #3: Dramatic Eyeliner

Remember Pris from Blade Runner? This fall, you’ll want to steal her look—well, sort of.

Apparently, a new pigment called Carbon Black was recently approved for use by the FDA. It’s blacker than black effects are all over the runways. Eyes are lined with a heavy, smudged coat of black liner and are topped with a super-black mascara. The finished look is a cross between a raccoon, a chimney sweep, and, well, a junkie.

This probably isn't the look you'll want in the Board Room, but if you're really wanting to push the envelope, I'd recommend the raccoon look for an after-hours event.

Rock this look with a pale lip for a more balanced finish.

Ultra black eye products to try:

  • True Black Brush on Creamer Liner by Clinique (approx. $15)
  • Black Ebony Eyeliner by Laura Mercier (approx. $20)
  • Sultry Black Shadow by Maybelline (approx. $7)

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