Monday, August 14, 2006

Fall Beauty Trend #1: Purple Lipstick

As a kid, it was always fun to stain your lips and tongue with things like popsicles and jawbreakers. Now the fun of having Technicolor lips is an official beauty trend.

That’s right, according to the editors over at Elle, purple lipstick is going to be BIG this fall. Think violet, grape, and magenta shades—the darker the better. No lilac here! Elle recommends topping dark lips with a nice shimmer of gloss. Remember: Matte = old fashioned. Glossy = now!

Another tip: When your lips are the emphasis, keep the rest of the face very neutral. Don’t overdo the eye make-up; instead, apply a nice coat of mascara and call it good.

Purple lip shades to try:

  • Plum by Lorac (approx. $17.50)
  • A Bunch of Grapes by Dior Addict UltraGloss (approx. $23.50)
  • Revolt by Nars( approx. $23)
  • Grape Shimmer by Ulta (approx. $8)

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