Monday, August 21, 2006

Brow Beating

The New York Times ran an excellent article about the current trend in eyebrows. For this fall, the look for brows is decidedly thick and full. Brows should have a natural arch that extends out, ending in a "beautiful point" according to Max Factor make-up artist Pat McGrath.

This trend may come as a relief to many, including me, who hate spending time plucking or waxing wayward brows. Experts recommend using brow gel or clear mascara to help keep bushy brows nicely shaped and in place. Light brows should be darkened a bit with eye liner or a dedicated brow pencil--just don't go too overboard! You don't want to walk around looking like a Marx brother. According to the Times, some of the poshest salons in the Big Apple now offer eyebrow extensions. I guess there's a beauty technique out there for everyone, as long as you have the vanity and money to go after it!

Even though heavy duty waxing is not necessary for this season, the best way to take care of your brows is to see a professional. (For all of you reading this from Washington state, the InSpa in Mill Creek does a great job with waxing and shaping. I've gone a few times and have never had a bad session. My skin has never turned that "just waxed" pinkish red.) If you are bold enough to tackle brow maintenance at home, Anastasia makes great brow products, including a kit with handy stencils available through Sephora.

So this fall when it comes to brows, think Brooke Shields, not Pam Anderson.

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