Thursday, August 03, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: Work It!

What is it? Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Work It!

Why did you buy it? I was browsing through a store and saw this fabulous lipcolor. I rubbed the tester on my hand to see how the color looked against my skin and I immediately fell in love. Sure, the $20 price tag put me off, but a few days later I decided to make the plunge.

What did you think? I LOVE this lipstick! The color is beautiful--reddish, metallic (but not too metallic)--and it glides on easily. This is not designed to be a long lasting lipstick but it seems to stay on for awhile. Lancome makes plenty of other lustful colors like Curtain Call, Fashion Icon, and Ooh La La!. They also have some funny names like B-List, Wannabe and Groupie. Hmmm...I wonder what it means if you wear Wannabe lipstick?

The final verdict: I splurged on this, and I adore it. It will be a great shade for the fall.


Anonymous said...

i like your blog-site.. im also a make-up fanatic! I always wear lipstick anywhere I go even without a blush on my cheek. but my problem is im not skilled putting eyeshadow on my eyes, i just wear a liquid eyeliner on the egde of my lashes.

Anonymous said...

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