Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: Quickie Chronicles

What is it? “A complete make-up look in a book." Cosmetic company Too Faced makes The Quickie Chronicles—small kits containing lip gloss, eye shadow and blush—under several different palettes and titles. My husband gave me the Naughty Neutral Palette called The Starlette for Christmas last year. I don't think The Starlette is still available, but Too Faced has a bunch of other palettes up for grabs. The covers of these kits are designed in great 1950s style, complete with pin-up girls in classic cheesecake poses. Current kits include The Naughty Girl, The Summer Lover, The Man Eater, and The Sweet Tarte. You gotta love these names!

What do you think? I love that the kit contains a complete look. The colors in my Starlette kit are flattering, go on well, and—oddly enough—smell and feel good. The eye shadows are amazing, and I love to wear them as much as possible. The blush, unfortunately, is the wrong color for me (I'm too pale!). The lip glosses are pretty, but since my kit did not come with any applicators, I had to break out my lip brush to apply the color. (Update! Kits currently for sale contain both mini-lip brushes and eye shadow applicators.) My pet peeve is that the kit gets a little messy—excess powder from the eye shadow always seems to find its way into the lip gloss—ick. Another bummer is that the names of the colors of the shadows, glosses and blush are no where to be found on the packaging. If I want to buy these colors again, I am out of luck.

The final verdict? Though there are some drawbacks and limitations, these little books make great gifts or could be used as an introduction to the Too Faced brand. I love cosmetic companies that incorporate a little bit of fun into their products, and Too Faced is just about the best at this. Packaging does make a difference, and Too Faced products scream fun. The Too Faced line contains several intriguing products, including something called Peek-a-Boo, which is touted as a boob job in a box. Ha! What's not to love?

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