Thursday, August 24, 2006

Beauty Product of the Week: Lip Venom

What is it? Lip Venom by DuWop is a "spicy, tingly gloss that enhances lips' natural color and shape with a blend of essential oils including cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen."

What do you think? Lip Venom is a cult beauty product if ever there was one. It's an addictive gloss that gives lips a bee stung feel. A lip plumper, Lip Venom does seem to add a bit of volume to the lip but doesn't make you look all fish-lipped like Melanie Griffith. The little vial of Venom lasts a while and can be worn underneath a colored gloss or lipstick. Though the sting of the Venom takes a second to get used to, I find it to be refreshing and very appealing. The gloss makes your lips shine, and though it can be a bit sticky at times, it's one of my favorite glosses on the market. Heck, I even got my mother hooked on the stuff!

The final verdict? I adore this product! I always carry a vial in my purse and find that it is my "go-to" gloss. For $16 you really can't beat it. DuWop makes all sorts of fun products that I look forward to trying, including Venom Flash--silver or gold tinted Lip Venom and Shades of Venom--a "high shine lip color" with the feel of Lip Venom. Sounds like fun.

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sara said...

k, im liking the venom!! my lips are all tingley (love it) and feeling full! :)